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Harvest Studio: Documentation, Evaluation and Botanical Art

Harvest Studio Online is a tool of Harvest Studio, a studio and work environment for Cynthia Gehrie, in Crescent, IA.
Cynthia is a professional documenter, evaluator and botanical artist.
Harvest Studio combines multiple perspecives as
              a workplace for documentation and evaluation,
              a video editing studio
              a painting studio
              a studio setting for private art lessons
              an online journal of reflection and inquiry into the interplay of art practice and professional work.
Evolution of Harvest Studio

As a documenter, video editor and evaluator, I worked in classrooms with teachers and children to document their use of new methods and materials. In a collaborative process, we used photo and video as tools for reflection and inquiry. This work expanded when artists joined us, and we began to discover how integrating the arts could engage and focus students and help teachers establish authentic classroom relationships.

I was a hobby painter, and felt that even this small art practice helped me to understand what was going on with art and learning. I decided to seriously study an art form. After many years of study, I earned the Certificate of Merit in Botanical Art at the Chicago Botanical Gardens. As my art practice developed, my professional skills deepened.
Botanical Art tools: drawing and painting with watercolor, soft pastel, casein, oil pastel, carbon dust, ink, and charcoal on paper and hard board surfaces.
Documentator tools: videography, photography, field notes, document collection, interviewing one-on-one and in groups, reflective methods, Internet, video editing, print writing and design.
Evaluator tools: analytic methods that organize, classify, quantify by creating analytic instruments, and build multiple perspectives into the meaning of findings for future practice, and the profession.

Contact Cynthia Gehrie by phone at 712-545-9404 or by email at

Where to find recent work by Cynthia Gehrie

My shop Gehrie Botanica is now at
Here you will find my artisan black walnut ink and my botanical prints.

As of December 31, 2014 my official website with current work is Gehrie Botanica at
You will find current paintings and prints with links to Gehrie Botanica on

You will also find fabric designs at Botanica, my shop at Spoonflower.

Tours for Harvest Studio

Harvest Studio is a member of Living Loess which is a tour offered on the third Saturday of each month from May through October.

The journal tab here (menu above) is documentation of my participation and residency in the Flock House Project - Omaha at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska. More complete archival information is at

You will find the summary report on my participation and residency at the Flock House Project Omaha (March 3 - September 20, 2014) at these links

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