Audubon Teachers attend Video Workshop at
Video Documentation Fund and
North Park Nature Center

Audubon teachers video document restoration of Oak Savanna at North Park Nature Center. At this point you can see open areas on the right where buckthorn was cut away, and a wall of uncut buckthorn on the left.


A Video Workshop, Sponsored by the LEAP/Annenberg Initiative, was developed around project documentation.

Workshop Participants:

  • Renee de la Cruz
  • Therese Kenneally
  • Gerry Kulans
  • Joanne Ruppert
  • Workshop Leader: Cynthia P. Gehrie, Ph.D. -- Video Documentation Fund

    Purpose of the Documentation Project

    North Park Nature Center is administered by the Department of the Environment, City of Chicago. A rare Oak Savanna has been preserved as part of North Park Village. It is being restored, a process of removing invasive brush and planting native seeds so that the grasses and forbes that should be swaying under the Oak canopy will grow back. In addition to restoring the Oak Savanna community, the entire project included the construction of swales and a marsh pond to bioengineer flood control and use the purifying features of wetlands to improve ground water run off from parking lots and buildings at the Village.



    When buckthorn is cut and stacked in piles, the area under the Oaks is opened and ready for reseeding the grasses and forbes that belong there.


    Along this path, buckthorn forms a wall on both sides, stealing the sun and moisture from native grasses and forbes.



    This swale was constructed to drain water to the marsh pond





    Which is being replanted with wetland species.

    The purpose of this project was to document features of the landscape and its restoration, through the eyes of teachers being trained in video documentation. The teachers were new to both the use of video and the concept of ecological restoration. The approach was to introduce teachers :

    and to see the North Park Nature Center restoration project through the eyes of teachers, as they practiced collecting documentation data on video.

    Menu / Workshop Schedule

    Introduction to the use of video in data base construction
    Laboratory session: Video shoot at North Park Nature Center
    Creating and Using Data Base through logging, scripting and editing into a videograph
    Classroom Applications

    Additonal Categories:

    Co-Constructing Categories of Emergent Data Base from Videotape
    Teacher Experience / Student Experience
    The Artistic and Scientific Perspectives of Place