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Living Loess

is the ultimate passport to the Loess Hills

Harvest Studio is a member of Living Loess.
Nine locations along twenty miles of scenic highway make up the Living Loess Tour.
Join the tour on the Third Saturday from May through October from 9am to 3pm.
Pick up a Passport at any location. Be sure to have it validated whenever you visit a location. Turn it in for the annual drawing when you get to your last stop on the Living Loess Tour. Do the tour in a day, or space it out over the summer!

Harvest Studio is a member of Living Loess which is a tour
offered on the third Saturday of each month from May through October.

On the Living Loess tour, Cynthia Gehrie offers a free mini-class in drawing.
This season the class introduces a way of drawing using mass instead of outlining.
It helps students to see the shape and proportion of objects, and develop a drawing
from the inside out. Many students have difficulty drawing using an outline of an object
because when they begin to develop the space inside their lines they discover the
proportions are wrong, and the object looks wrong.

The goal of the mini-class is to draw a lose sketch with freedom by developing it
freely using the inner architecture of an object. This sets up proportions correctly
and leads to a more accurate sketch, even if it is not drawn perfectly.

Living Loess Tour Locations

Harvest Studio. The Living Loess Tour location for Harvest Studio is in the Corn Cob Studio adjacent to Honey Creek Creamery. There is a $5 charge for entry to each when visiting on the Living Loess Tour. Both Honey Creek Creamery and Corn Cob Studio are ONLY OPEN TO THE PUBLIC FOR THE LIVING LOESS TOUR. Other tour arrangements are made through tour associations and operators.
Gallaher Designs. Barb Gallaher shows hand made gold and silver jewlery and other art objects made with metal and stone. Barb is also a featured artist in the Joslyn Art Museum shop.
Loess Hills Wood Works. Shawn Shea and his son Austin design and build custom furniture and cabinetry from his wood works in Crescent. The tour includes current projects in the showroom and a tour of the work shop.
Garden Grove Eatery. Set in a renovated 1896 Victorian farmhouse, the Garden Grove Eatery overlooks the Missouri River Valley and is nestled in patios and vegetable gardens. Wine and beer are served with meals.
Honey Creek Creamery is the only certified dairy west of Des Moines. Situated in a renovated historic bunkhouse on a century farm, artisan cheese is crafted using fresh goat’s milk. Goats are fed rich, chemical-free alfalfa raised on the farm along with native plants from the Loess Hills. The result is a fresh, lively cheese with a smooth and creamy finish.
Hitchcock Center offers more than 1,200 acres in the globally significant Loess Hills, including prairie and woodlands. Visitors can choose from more than ten miles of hiking trails, tent, RV and cabin camping, hands-on displays at the Loess Hills Lodge Exhibit Gallery, scenic views of the Missouri River Valley from the 45’ observation deck and seasonal educational programs.
Harrison County Historical Village Center includes a new Lincoln Highway Loess Hills Interpretive Center featuring films, a scenic overlook, one-mile trail through restored prairie, road demonstration area, children’s transportation themed play space and more. Five-building historical complex features original log cabin and one-room school.
Loess Hills LavenderOrganic materials are used to care for the plants and a series of lotions and bath products are produced allowing you to experience a piece of the farm in your home. Experience the beauty and amazing talents of Lavender. Learn how to plant, care for and reap the harvest of Lavender.
Sawmill Hollow Family Farm is the first Aronia berry farm in the country. Enjoy premium wines from the tasting room. Embrace the view of 150 acres of native flora complete with a naturally spring fed lake from the comfort of the lodge.

For more information on the Living Loess Tour, go to the website: www.livingloess.com
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