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Private lessons

Private lessons are available at Harvest Studio for $60 per two-hour session. (If you prefer to come with another student of your selection, the price per session is $40 per person)

Students of every age and level of experience are welcome.

The first session is a consultation, where we set goals for the remaining lessons. I will place these goals in a sequence so that there is a flow of work from goal to goal.

After the first session, you will receive a class list of materials you will purchase, bring to class, and use to practice between sessions. I will provide an estimate of costs, and suggestions for purchasing materials at discount rates.

In the remaining lessons, we will move through the goals using a studio method that includes demonstration, studio work, reflection and decision making, and critique.

Sessions are documented, and you will use the documentation as a reference for reflection and future work.

The video below documents one set of 6 sessions with two students.

Paige and Julia

Paige and Julia studied drawing with me at Harvest Studio for three weeks this summer. The focus of the class was the artistic process. They set 6 goals for the class. Their drawings were exhibited as part of the Living Loess Tour. They set up the exhibit, created documentation panels, and led tours through the exhibit. The video played continuously on a large screen.

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