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My videos are based on extensive footage shot during natural events, which means no set ups, no staging, no scripts. I keep the camera running, shooting with tight, mid and long range shots from many angles. The first step is to edit this footage down to the solid, steady footage, both video and audio, which is called B-Roll. Below I embedded 4 B-Roll tapes from a project I did with April Earl from the Omaha Public Library. We set up an OPL booth at the Art in Bloom Festival at Lauritzin Gardens in summer 2010. This was in conjunction with an my exhibit, Contemporary Botanical Art, in the Michael Phipps Gallery at the downtown OPL.

We assembled artist packets with watercolor pencils, a viewing frame, and several 1 X 1 inch tiles of fine quality watercolor paper (which was donated for this project by A and D Technical Supply Co in Omaha.) After signing out an artist pack, visitors chose a subject at the Gardens and drew on the tiles. When their tiles were ready, they brought them back to us where we demonstrated how to add water to the drawings to make them come alive. The tiles were dried and fixed to a tall black pillar, which was displayed in the Contemporary Botanical Art exhibit. Later, the project was expanded to include children from after school programs in Omaha. Their tiles were added to the pillar, and they came to the library to see their work in the exhibit.

There is no limit to the number of finished videos that can be edited from an archive like this. When you view the videos, pay attention to the amount of information that is released naturally in these clips. You will learn about the project, materials, and art making techniques. This information is embedded in examples emerging through the project, not "graphics" added from a separate creative source to the project. This unity of source, imparts to final video a ring of truth.

Tape A:

Tape B:

Tape C:

Tape D:

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