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Video Documentation



I shot and edited over 90 videographs including projects for The Nature Conservancy Illinois Field Office, Kohl Children's Museum, Chicago Teachers' Center, Annenberg Foundation, Gold Star Families -- Chicago Police Department, McBride, Baker and Coles law firm, National Forest Service, Lake Forest Open Lands, Openlands - Chicago, Save the Prairie Society, California Women's Agenda, Stanley Foundation (Iowa), Women's Intercultural Network (Uganda and Afghanistan), Luna Nueva (Mexico), Multi Media Women's Center, NONA (Zagreb, Croatia), Church Women United (New York City), McCosh Even Start (Northeastern Illinois University) and other organizations featuring arts education, environmental education, creative and women's projects and videography as a tool for evaluation and research.

In February 2007 I collaborated with Teresa Troxel to make a Kids Day video at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC, Stanford University.) Kids Day is an annual event when the national energy lab is converted into workshops for kids.

The video is embedded below in two parts (1 and 2) It is typical of a production process I developed over the years that includes multiple perspectives and voices in a participatory process. The archival nature of the video is articulated at the start of the video in a statement written by the SLAC archivist.

Kids Day @ SLAC, Part 1

Kids Day @ SLAC, Part 2

A strength of natural video is its potential to demonostrate process in a multiple dimensional format that includes visual image, movement of image in time, audio, and multiple points of view including angle, voice, and zoom. Sheller (2011) shows a working 1939 John Deere 7 corn sheller, and the shelling process from corn crib to truck. Sheller is narrated by Meryle Osborn, whose family shelled corn for three generations in Crescent, Iowa.


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