Destination: Indiana Dunes, National Lake Shore



Group heads out for tour

Documenting Field Trips using Field Notes and Photographic Slides

Hubbard Woods School
Winnetka, Illinois
Fifth Grade Classes (Mrs. Beck and Mrs. Cervantes)

(These materials are presented with permission from the
Superintendent of Schools, Rebecca van der Bogert,
Winnetka Public Schools)

Photography, Fieldnotes, Multi-media Authoring

Cynthia Porter Gehrie, Ph.D.

Urban Ethnographer / Videographer
Video Documentation Fund

Arrival / Transfer from Bus to Naturalist Guide
Lunch Time Games, Activities

Scientific Measurements:
Demonstrating the use of Measurement Tools
Students Using Measurement Instruments in the Field / Generating Field Data
Plant Identification in the Dunes and Woodland -- Orientation While Passing to Field Sites

Guided Tour of Dune Area with Focus on Natural Features
Information from Naturalist Guide

Spontaneous Activities

Interviewing Teachers on Site
Comments -- In Process Observations by Teachers
Classroom Teacher Interviews

Classroom Follow up
Student Pastel Drawings of Dunes

Student Essays
Spontaneous Applicatons
Data Sample