Spontaneous Applications

This file is designed to post examples of unplanned applications of classroom and field based activities. In this case, a student left school for a one week visit to Marco Island, Florida with his parents. He constructed a report upon his return that includes information about plants and animals on the island and his own drawings of animals.

Large bodies of Water and Marsh (swampy) areas

In Marco Island, Florida is an enormous beach connecting to the water of the Gulf of Mexico. The 4 mornings we went out to the beach it happened to be low tide, and while the time between finding 26 sand dollars and leaving, we found 2 star fish, one big and one small.

Then we found a sea urchin (yes it is alive.)

Then we found crabs still in their shell.

Also between Marco Island and Naples is marshy Everglades and I saw raccoons and alligators.

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